Reasons to support the protection of civilians?

Instructions for Decision Briefing Assignment
Note: You will conduct this assessment at least two days after the first hour of S312.
Your commander and 1SG just informed you that the unit is deploying to Afghanistan in three months. The battalion commander has some concerns that he wants company commanders to address prior to
deploying. About 104,000 people have been killed in the Afghanistan war since 2001. More than 31,000 of those killed have been civilians. An additional 41,000 civilians have been injured since 2001. Ground fighting between militants and troops in civilian areas was the main cause of civilian casualties, it
said. Almost a quarter of the civilian casualties were attributed to pro-government forces, the majority to Afghan security forces. Many of these were caused by troops’ use of mortars and artillery during ground
operations in populated areas as well as night raids into houses of suspected insurgents. The area of operations (AO) for your unit will be in a heavily populated area. Your primary mission is direct support to the Afghan National Army; their current mission is to eradicate ISIS and Taliban forces
from the AO. Your unit is providing indirect fire support, EOD support, and medical support. All the specifics of the mission are unclear as of now; however the battalion commander will continue to update your commander as information becomes available. Your commander wants to develop a training awareness plan to address the battalion commander’s concerns. Your commander has directed the platoon/section sergeants to develop two courses of action (COA) on how to mitigate civilian casualties and to analyze your COAs in order to recommend the best COA. He wants you to provide your criteria or rationale for your COA selection.
The commander wants you to consider the following points in your awareness plan COAs:
1. Reasons to support the protection of civilians.
2. The two general ways of protection of civilians; avoidance of civilian harm and deliberate
protection actions.
3. The law of war, particularly the principles of proportionality and discrimination
4. Units may have to contend with large numbers of dislocated civilians, and enemy combatants
may attempt to blend into these groups. This can complicate matters if dislocated civilians seek
security, shelter, or sustainment from Army units.
5. One of your COAs should address minimizing the operational risk and the other, accepting risk in
order to accomplish the mission.
6. Use ATP 3-07.6 to answer some of my concerns.
Refer to ATP 3-07.6 and FM 6-0 to assist you in developing your COAs.
When finished prepare a 10 minute (plus or minus 2 minutes) decision briefing (IAW FM 6-0)
for your commander. Provide a slide presentation with your briefing covering the three main parts of the decision briefing.
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