reflection on your thoughts about the practice of walking

1. List an idea in the text that seemed particularly interesting, relevant, or provocative to you. You should be an “active reader,” alert to your unique position as a critical reader, and your response to specific ideas or claims within a given reading.
Brief quotation that shows exactly where you found this idea in the assigned reading, along with specific page number, so that you can use this information to generate an accurate and properly formatted footnote later on.
Your perspective or “position” on this idea — what do you think of it, and what do you think it means or implies? You should offer a critical interpretation of the idea that attracted your attention, rather than simply paraphrasing it.
Research Tables must include at least three observations of a passage in the text, three locations in the text, and three interpretations of what you believe the author is trying to discuss in the text.
Write a paragraph reflection on your thoughts about the practice of walking. Is walking innate, or is it a developed social practice?

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