Secondary data sources like demographic information found in census data, crime statistics, media sources describing community

For this key assessment assignment, students will identify a geographic community and conduct a study of the community.
Identity communities (or target populations) are not to be subjects of this paper. The emphasis must be on a geographic community that can be visited, observed, and researched as municipality. The geographic community should have both an easily researched social strength, as well as an easily researchable social problem area.
In the process of identifying the assets and needs of the community, you will make recommendations for community development and developing a community organizing strategy to address a particular problem. The product will be a written plan that will be developed by the student. Netting et al. (2019) is an excellent resource for beginning this assignment. The paper should be formatted according to APA requirements. An abstract, an introduction, a conclusion, reference page, and headings are all expected for this paper.
To best organize and manage a project of this size, there will be four dates of submissions:
Project Outline- 10 points (submitted in classic outline format in Moodle)
Part 1. Key Assessment: Engage and Assess (to Moodle and Tevara )- 40 pts
Part 2. Key Assessment: Intervene and Evaluate (to Moodle and Tevara )-40 pts
Research sources for this project should include each of the following:
1. Windshield survey of the community, description of this observation and meaning of what is observed
2. Secondary data sources like demographic information found in census data, crime statistics, media sources describing community
3. Interview data from individuals from the community that are interviewed and content of interview is included in the paper as needed
4. Text or journal sources to support discussions about concepts or theories discussed in paper
Specific topics to be covered in the written community assignment:
The neighborhood I chose was North Lawndale community in Chicago
The zip codes are 60623,60608,60624
Please use credible sources
Be as detailed as possible and use the template provided.

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