Share information about products or services?

Worth 15 points, you will analyze a company’s digital presence and arrive at an assessment of its effectiveness or value. You will be expected to look at the company’s use of the following specific e-marketing tools:
Company website
(Please note that the above tools might not necessarily apply to the specific company you are looking at, just analyze all that apply)
In no more than 5 pages of text (double-spaced) you will look at the effectiveness of your chosen company’s use of these e-marketing tools. Effectiveness will be based upon your reaction to them as a customer. You should, therefore, choose a company or product that you use regularly and generally like. Your analysis should include how the e-marketing you examined reinforces your positive feelings about the brand or perhaps makes you question your loyalty or perceptions. There should also be an effort made to suggest how they might improve their online/digital presence using the tools reviewed. You should also try to surmise the specific marketing purpose of each of the tools analyzed. It is to promote the brand? Develop new customers? Gain information about potential or existing customers? Share information about products or services? Provide support/service? Aimed at customer retention?
There are no right or wrong answers here. The goal is to engage in analysis and critical thinking about a company with which you are familiar and their use of the specific e-marketing tools above.
You can organize your paper any way you would like. While you are limited to 5 pages of written text, you can refer to an unlimited number of exhibits in the form of screenshots. In other words, these are not part of the paper but you should include them as illustrations of points being made.
A paper that earns 15 points reflects a rigorous, solid analysis and includes a strongly supported assessment of the use and importance of e-marketing for the business in question. It covers each of the tools above and identifies examples of e-marketing success (and why) as well as e-marketing efforts that are less than optimal. In instances of the latter it makes recommendations for improving the less than optimal effort. Papers receiving the highest scores will show how a company is actually missing e-marketing opportunities by making numerous recommendations for improving what is observed. 15 points reflects superior work and as such, papers award this many points are written with excellent grammar and spelling and free of obvious mistakes or typos.
13 or 14 points will be earned for above average work that explores the company selected. Papers earning 13-14 points will reflect a significant effort in terms of describing a company’s digital presence but might not always analyze the impact or offer an opinion on the value. Papers awarded this many points represent a clear effort to engage in creative and critical thought about the company and it’s utilization of e-marketing tools. Papers earning 13 or 14 points are well written with minimal mistakes.
A paper that earns 11-12 points is average with decent descriiption of the company’s use of e-marketing tools but limited analysis and assessment. Papers awarded 11-12 points fall short of the critical thinking and recommendations needed to turn a marketing assessment into a strategy or viable implementation action since they merely tell about what they see as opposed to providing detailed results of shortcomings and how to fix them. Mistakes are minimal here as well.
Papers that are graded at 10 points or below are ones that reflect a below average effort. They demonstrate little to no analysis or analytical thinking about the company’s use of e-marketing and fail to cover all of the tools listed above.

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