Should we create more dams to use hydropower as a renewable energy source?

Propose a topic to focus your term project on.
Over the course of the term, you will write an op-ed on a sustainability issue that you care about as your term project.
An op-ed is a short piece published in a newspaper or magazine but written by someone not affiliated with the editorial board. It expresses the author’s opinion, but should be based on research and/or experience. Op-eds are one way you can get your voice into public debate, sway policy decisions and public opinion, or participate in civil society. For these reasons, writing an op-ed is a useful skill to have.
Your op-ed will be only 1,250 words and should be a persuasive piece rather than only informative. You are trying to convince your readers of something. For examples of op-eds on sustainability, please visit:
For this assignment, you will propose a topic to focus your term project on. A good project topic is something that 1) you can form a specific opinion about, 2) you can successfully research in a few weeks, 3) you want to know more about, and 4) has clear implications for the future well-being of people on this earth.
Here is the topic you need to write:
Should we create more dams to use hydropower as a renewable energy source?
Remember, the topic needs to be something that you can form an opinion about and something you can research in a few weeks – the more specific you are the better. Keep in mind environmental, economic, and social sustainability.
For this submission, there are two components:
Your sources:
Make sure you include at least 5-10 sources. Half of your sources need to be peer-reviewed journal articles or other academic sources (use Google Scholar to find these). For the remaining sources, you may use more peer-reviewed articles or you can use governmental and research websites like the EPA, UNEP, or the Population Reference Bureau. After finding your sources, organize them into a properly-cited bibliography. You can use any citation format you choose (APA, MLA, etc), but be consistent.
Your findings:
Organize your findings into logical sections (at least three), and bullet list the key points under each heading. Be sure to include an in-text citation.
Here is an example of what a bullet point might look like:
The type of university and climate zone in which it is located appear to be more strongly correlated with good environmental performance than are campus sustainability initiatives (Lang 2015)
Imagine that you are organizing your findings into a sort of outline for your paper. Use at least three headings for your outline, and include a minimum of three bullet points under each.
On the last page, include your works cited list.
I have attached a doc of how you might format your research fact sheet. Keep in mind that this is just an example of formatting. I expect your research sheet to have more details than this one does.
Key things to keep in mind: 1) organize your facts by subheadings; 2) keep your bullet points short and concise and use your own words; 3) always show which source the fact came from;  and 4) use a citation formatting style of your choosing (APA, MLA, etc), but be consistent.
1. Remember you are not writing a piece of paper, it is an op-ed!! (I mentioned above what op-ed is, please pay attention to your format)
2. Be sure to check out this link I gave you: and the file I uploaded. These two materials will show you how to write an OP-ED that will please the professor, including the choice of format and subheading.
3. At least five good sources, at least two of which have been peer-reviewed.
4. At least three meaningful subheadings.
5. Strong research informs OP-ED.

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