Should you override your ethnocentrism in regards to these, or are they violations of basic human rights?

Ways to do it :
– At first read the instruction
– Then read the chapter to better understand the prompt
– Then answer the prompt by making sure you follow the instructions required
– While answering do not forget do add the sources used for evidence ( but make sure you don’t use the book chapter itself as a reference)
The instruction :
The entries may be personal in nature, they must still be written in a formal, academic format. Each entry should range between 500 to 600 words (not including any titles, headers, or point form (bullets)). The entry must include evidence-based arguments and observations on a sociology-related topic that links concepts or ideas from the required readings to real-life examples. These real-life examples could be carefully documented experiences from everyday life. They may also be derived from events or debates that are covered in the media. Be critical when selecting and evaluating media sources.
The prompt :
Chapter 1 | Introduction to Global Women’s Studies
The chapter emphasizes multiculturalism when studying women cross-culturally but at the same time says that regardless of culture, women have basic human rights. Research any cultural practices in regards to women in other countries that you are critical of, and give details concerning a few. Should you override your ethnocentrism in regards to these, or are they violations of basic human rights? Support your choice in your post.
Points keep in mind :
– I am a girl from the United Arab Emirates so when choosing another culture choose it other than the UAE and somewhere else
– if there is anything unclear let me know, I have uploaded below the chapter

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