The disadvantage of using Zig-zag writing versus linear straight forward writing

Step 1: Develop a PowerPoint Presentation. Use the grading rubric to guide your efforts prior to watching the Evans Thomas video. Please use the insights you gain from Evan Thomas as you create the PowerPoint presentation.
Step 2: Join forces with your Peer Review partner(s) from Unit 5 to create a PowerPoint Presentation. In this presentation, focus on key elements of the writing process, as advocated by Evan Thomas, and connect these elements with examples from your Applied Research Project to support and demonstrate how your own writing and research skills have been strengthened.
The video is about professional writing I could not attach the video but here is an overview. This week’s assignment requires us to watch the video on Evan Thomas, retired Editor at Large for Newsweek magazine. He discusses and provides guidance on writing and how to be an effective writer. He explains strategies on how to improve writing. Often, Mr. Thomas has noticed that writers tend to confuse the readers by writing with slopped thinking. He suggests that the writer calm those in linear straightforward fashion. One way to make sure that you are not falling victim to this confused thinking, is proofread your writing to ensure that you are not excessively using the words but and however. It is okay to use these words, writers just can’t do it too often. Topic sentences are also neglected all to often. It is a critical part to the paragraphs and tells the reader which direction you are headed. The topic sentence is the most important sentence. When practicing research, you should make sure that you perform good research and provide good reporting. It is important to master the data and be in control of what you are writing and think clearly about it. Plagiarism is a career ended. If you get caught, you can be terminated. This is stealing others work, so it is important when researching literature, that you comprehend what the author of that literature is trying to convey, and put that personal thinking in your own words. Writers should be honest in their writing. They do not have to answer everything. If they do not know the answer, they must simply state that, and not provide false data maintaining creditability with the readers. Writers must discuss counter-arguments. They should take on that opposing argument, as this will actually strengthen the argument that you are trying to make. Writers should also be careful to not provide too much detail as well. This is often know as emptying the notebook. You do not want to overwhelm the readers. Watch adjectives and adverbs in your writing. This can confuse the reader as well. This often creates excess clutter. The most important thing to remember for writers is to write in your own voice, right simply.
The topics we are choosing to do the power point on are:
Slide 1: Title page
Slide 2: Introduction
Slide 3: The disadvantage of using Zig-zag writing versus linear straight forward writing
Slide 4: Why plagiarism is a career ender
Slide 5: Be and honest writer
Slide 6: Why counter arguments are important in writing
Slide 7: Finding your voice in writing
Slide 8: Summary
Slide 9: References
***This is a team assignment the only parts that I am responsible for are:
Slide 6: Why counter arguments are important in writing
Slide 7: Finding your voice in writing
Slide 8: Summary
Slide 9: References
Please provide notes for slides 6-8. Additionally use the unit 6 assignment to use my writing style as an example within the notes. ***

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