Then MUST mention why did you take these numbers entry decisions and its result?

PLEASE Read first the assignment documents atteched that you MUST use it for not keep amending please.
Task 1
Is writing on every this I sent you thorugh attachments include Harvard Reference system, Diagrams as well.
Task 2
Is the Evaluation Years for Year 11 till Year 16
1- Kindly I need Business Strategy Reflective Report on Business Strategy Game (BSG) on footwear company called (Dynamic Sport Company D).
2- I need to check very very well please all the assignment documents, powerpoint material & the handwritten document if include every thing I need to be menstioned. I will send it to you to write the reflective report excellent please.
3- This BSG Game consists of 6 YEARS, starts from Year 11 till Year 16. Each week on Saturday I will send you the reports of my (Dynamic Sport Company D) includes all percentages and figures that will help you to write that you will be using to write down the reflective report.
3.1 I apply Cost Leadership Strategy.
Then MUST mention why did you take these numbers entry decisions and its result?
4- I will send you Reflective reprot templete to follow it exactly and write everything needed.
5- I need to do some Diagrams (Figures), I will send you list of figure I need you to put.
6- I will send you samples of Evaluation for each year.
7- Apply Blue ocean strategy, 7Ps, Porters 5 Forces, SWOT Analysis, PESTEL for Dynamic company D,
Marketing Mix, Marketing strategy (ANSOFFS Matrix, Panagiotou’s
Telescopic Observation, Kenichi
3C model and M E Porter’s Diamond Model.
8- SOSTAC as a framework for your weekly strategic reflection?
You should have completed your Mission/Vision/Values and also implemented your Generic Strategy and subsequent positioning, undertaken PESTLE and Five Forces analysis? Remember to research Balanced Scorecard and 7 S’s
* I need the work to be free similarity and creative.
Please follow the Reflective Report Template exactly.

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