Was the strategic plan tool appropriate based on the outcomes, or might a different tool work better?

This is for a Nursing leadership DNP course. All topic answered must be United States bases. In addition reference to Tranformational leadership should be included
Six Sigma, BSC & Strategic Planning.
Six Sigma is a business management strategy commonly used in production industries to improve processes, productivity, efficiency, and quality. It also helps improve employee and customer satisfaction. The concept of Lean is to eliminate wasteful steps, cut operational costs and create continuous improvement and flow through teamwork. Six Sigma focuses on methodology to problem-solving, streamlining, and improving efficiencies (Gavriloff et al., 2017).
The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is also a strategic planning and management tool that focuses on an organization’s finances, customers, processes, and growth to achieve its mission and objectives.
The BSC helps organizations: analyze their operational strategy, turn strategy into action while ensuring alignment between the measures and the organization’s goals. When the scorecard is implemented correctly, organizations will often see better departmental and organizational alignment with their goals and mission (Foley, 2022).
Höglund et al. (2018) described Strategic Planning as an approach or roadmap that gives a holistic view of the organization by mixing long-term thinking, goal analysis, and subjective evaluation of values, goals, and priorities.
Six Sigma and BSC are two strategic management tools that, when combined, can help healthcare organizations improve in performance and
balance cost, quality, and efficiency.
Healthcare organizations have no better time to get creative in their strategic plan and allocate their workforce and resources wisely than during a Pandemic.
1a. What quality management approach or strategic plan does your organization use in achieving operational efficiency and improvement?
1 b. Was the strategic plan tool appropriate based on the outcomes, or might a different tool work better?
2. What opportunities can you glean from failed or successful performance improvement initiatives within your organization?
3. A balanced Scorecard combined with six sigma has a positive effect on organizational efficiency. How can the organization sustain efficiency and create value?

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