Was there strategic consistency in Alibaba’s continuous business expansion?

the paper related to E- business strategy and we need to analysis from strategy perspective and below some question to Assis me to analysis .
Suggested case study questions:
How would you characterize Alibaba’s growth strategy over time?
What was its primary core business in each stage and how did it affect the direction of growth?
Was there strategic consistency in Alibaba’s continuous business expansion?
Was vertical or horizontal growth appropriate in each stage?
Did continuous growth contribute to Alibaba’s overall competitive advantage?
How did growth create value for the company?
Has Alibaba created a platform for sustained profitable growth?
What strategic and managerial challenges did Alibaba face in managing growth?
What challenges did moving from a business-oriented to a consumer-oriented platform present?
What type of managerial problems did Alibaba face as the company grew larger?
How was the coordination managed across units? Was it necessary to maintain tight control of businesses? Why or why not?
How did Alibaba maintain flexibility while the company became bigger and more bureaucratic?
What was the role of corporate management in managing growth?
What was the reason for frequent restructuring of the organization?
How would you characterize Alibaba’s strategy in the mobile Internet sector?
What do you foresee as potential challenges for Alibaba in its future growth?

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