What about Reconstruction?

Hopefully the theme you’ve picked up on in this class is that this ancient stuff that happened a long long time ago is still having a direct impact on your life. For the final, I want you to show me 3 ways in which the events covered in this class are impacting your life. Pick 3 different events and show how each one affects your life (not life in general- yours specifically).
Rules/Guidelines/Restrictions/Blah Blah Blah
1. I don’t have a required format. You can write a paper if you want, make a slideshow, record a song, create some art, dress up with a green screen and re-enact something, sky is the limit. However- I need some details, so like drawing me some stick figures and calling it a day is probably not going to be clear enough.
2. You need to be specific. For example, saying: “Reconstruction led to Black Lives Matter” is true but not specific enough to get your a good grade. What about Reconstruction? How did it lead to it? How does BLM affect your life? (This is an example only- you don’t have to use this one).
It is worth 100 points. Make sure what you turn in measure up to that.
Chapter 3 Videos: https://fod-infobase-com.libris.mtsac.edu/p_ViewVideo.aspx?xtid=58757 https://fod-infobase-com.libris.mtsac.edu/p_ViewVideo.aspx?xtid=44690 https://youtu.be/qMXqg2PKJZU https://youtu.be/r161cLYzuDI https://youtu.be/Ajn9g5Gsv98 https://fod-infobase-com.libris.mtsac.edu/p_ViewVideo.aspx?xtid=44416 Within the text: https://www.history.com/topics/french-revolution http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/aia/part3/3p325.html https://www.history.com/topics/black-history/slavery/videos/the-slave-auction?m=528e394da93ae&s=undefined&f=1&free=false https://ca.pbslearningmedia.org/resource/akh10.socst.ush.exp.trail/trail-of-tears/#.Wwnp-dMvyL8
Chapter4 links
Links for videos:
https://youtu.be/RNftCCwAol0 https://youtu.be/9GorqroigqM https://youtu.be/beN4qE-e5O8 https://youtu.be/t62fUZJvjOs
1-2 https://we.tl/t-g7O6WhAFY6
3 https://we.tl/t-rFhlEAKPqF
4 https://we.tl/t-gWU9cy63Ed
5-6 https://we.tl/t-2YUVsu9iJO
7-10 https://we.tl/t-quStrpzCds
11-13 https://we.tl/t-RZwnjNGlam
The clips attached respectively in one video Clip #19 Ft. Sumter Clip #20 Lincoln’s Letter to Horace Greeley Clip #21 The Emancipation Proclamation Clip #22 Clip #23 Draft Riots in New York City Clip #24 Suffering South Clip #25 Gettysburg Address Clip #26 Signs of Dissolution Clip #27 Appomattox Clip #28 Terms of Surrender Clip #29 Meaning of the Civil War Clip #30 Thanksgiving Clip #31 Arlington National Cemetery Federal Union and the Ordinance of Secession Clip #32 Emancipated Slaves https://youtu.be/nowsS7pMApI Clip#108 transcript https://search.alexanderstreet.com/preview/work/bibliographic_entity%7Cvideo_work%7C5067716 Here is the link for the video: https://we.tl/t-wjLzFz7x3h

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