What affect does the GDP indicator have on economic agents?

Please read the following articles and answer the questions below using intext APA citation:
I have attached the articles.
Coyle, D. (2014). The Future: Twenty-first-Century GDP. In GDP: A Brief but Affectionate History – Revised and expanded Edition (pp. 123-146). Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press
Laurent, É. (2018). Good and Bad Indicators: Download Good and Bad Indicators: The Case of GDP Download The Case of GDP. In Measuring Tomorrow: Accounting for Well-Being, Resilience, and Sustainability in the Twenty-First Century (pp. 20-26). Princeton; Oxford: Princeton University Press.
Venkatesan, M. & Luongo, G. (2019). SDG 8: Sustainable Economic Growth and Decent Work for All. London, U.K.: Emerald Publishing. [Read: Chapter 2, Economic Growth Download Chapter 2, Economic Growth]
The readings above all provide insight into the short-comings of GDP. For your assignment address the following
What was the purpose of GDP? What affect does the GDP indicator have on economic agents? (In other words is our behavior aligned to what GDP measures)?
How does sustainability impact GDP?
Can sustainability and GDP coexist?

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