What are some current treatments for infertility?

Discussion Board: Infertility in the United States
In this module, you were introduced to the reproductive system. Use what you learned about this topic to participate in the discussion.
Read the discussion prompts. In 200–250 words, create an initial post using the prompts to guide your content. Then, respond to at least two of your peers’ posts in a substantive manner. “I agree” or “Good point” are not accepted as substantive responses to your peers.
Discussion Prompts: Initial Post
According to the CDC (Links to an external site.) (and most sources), infertility issues are a common problem in the United States. Review the CDC Frequently Asked Questions about infertility and answer the following questions:
What causes infertility issues?
What are some current treatments for infertility?
Did you find anything else surprising?
Research any controversial infertility treatments. Do you think that there should be genetic manipulation to conceive? Why or why not? Be sure to include legitimate sources!
Discussion Prompts: Responses Posts
Discuss experiences with fertility that you have heard/read about, or that you or your family members may have had. Based on your studying in this module, what do you think the future of fertility will be?

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