What are the best examples of successful slapstick film according to critics?

THESIS: Slapstick comedy became known around the 16th century and originated from Italian commedia dell’arte where performance art was most known; slapstick evolved into a very physical comedy, involving absurd situations, rapid movements, and violent actions which are best demonstrated in the films Tommy boy and Scary Movie.
I have to incorporate and talk about the movies that were listed in my thesis. My whole essay should be basically based off my thesis
Students will choose a type of comedy from the below list and perform academic research in order to gain a full understanding of its defining characteristics, its origins and history, and its best cinematic examples, explaining how and why the examples demonstrate the selected comedy type. Students will create an evaluative argument demonstrating modern and/or classic examples of the comedy type they have chosen in action.
For example, a student might choose slapstick as a genre to explore, and then gather several academic and scholarly sources on the subject. The student will read through her/his research until she/he can answer the following questions:
What IS slapstick? What are its defining characteristics?
How did slapstick start?
What is slapstick’s history?
What are the best examples of successful slapstick film according to critics?
How do these examples demonstrate slapstick’s defining characteristics?
Are there noteworthy actors/performers associated with this comedy type?
Once the student has all the research necessary to answer the research questions, she/he must compose a TTR with a working thesis which sets the paper’s goals out for the reader and organizes them.
The audience for this paper is your academic peers. You may assume that your reader has a basic understanding of your subject, much as you do before you engage the research process. The forum is a formal, academic essay. Any paper that doesn’t achieve this purpose and respect this rhetorical situation cannot earn a passing grade. The course rubric will be used to assess the paper’s success.
This paper must be at least 1200 words (this does not count Works Cited, titles, block quotations, or headings/headers).
This paper must use and cite a minimum of five quality sources:
four critical, academic or scholarly sources (peer reviewed, and NONE from the free web)
A minimum of one film (yes, you must cite it properly)
This paper must have a Works Cited page.
This paper must integrate research using proper MLA in-text citation and incorporation techniques as we learn them in Bootcamp and in accordance with our course text.
This paper must follow MLA formatting in terms of style, heading, and font/spacing.
This paper must have a fully functioning, embedded thesis statement that works to achieve the goals of the paper.
This paper must have passed through the TTR process before it can be submitted for a grade.
This paper must have been brought to class in draft form and engaged in the peer response process before it can be submitted for a grade.
Any paper that doesn’t meet these minimum requirements cannot earn a passing grade.
Topics for consideration:
Slapstick/physical comedy
Satire and/or political satire
Dark/black humor
Blue humor

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