What are the common factors and/or circumstances that lead to the establishment of Africana studies on these campuses?

Task (What you have to do for this assignment):
The emergence of Black/Africana Studies as a formal discipline within the academy was not a matter of chance. Rather, it resulted from the collective and concerted efforts of students and faculty across the US. In short essay form (approximately 500 words), using information presented in the first chapter of Introduction to Black Studies and the linked articles provided for you, describe the origin of one of the first departments of African-American Studies. Comparatively discuss the development of the department San Francisco State College (SFSC) and one or two of the other examples of Africana Studies departments in the provided readings. Describe the events that led to the establishment of that department as well. In your essay, consider the following questions:
1. In 1857, Frederick Douglass poignantly notes, “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.” In your own words, articulate the demands and the methods used to convey those demands that led to the establishment of Black/Africana Studies as a formal academic field of study at the university.
2. In what ways were the events that led to the establishment of the departments similar or different? What are the common factors and/or circumstances that lead to the establishment of Africana studies on these campuses?
3. Why was establishing Black/Africana Studies seen as essential?
4. How does the movement of Black/Africana Studies fit within the context of the thrusts of student movement that Karenga outlines?
(The questions above are to provide some guidance to your thoughts. Do not provide separate answers for these questions, but rather integrate the ideas generated by these questions into the body of your essay.)
Additional Instructions:
Your response should be approximately 500 words and reflect a clear and well developed consideration of the ideas and approaches reviewed in the course. Be sure to cite the sources used (i.e., textbook, news article, departmental website, etc.). Submit your response online via the designated iCollege Assignment folder.
Required Reading (These readings must be discussed and cited in this assignment.)

Examining the lasting legacy of the Morrill Hall takeover

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