What are the common features shared among these accounts?

You must submit two paragraphs answer for each question: Four Paragraphs total. All of these answers should be typed (paragraphs double-spaced) in Word and click on each submission link via SafeAssign for plagiarism check.
The instructor will be looking for evidence that you have read and reflected carefully on the readings and narrated lectures; that the answers are in your own words; and that your writing exhibits clear, properly structured expository prose with correct spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure.
Please use examples and evidence from the documents to support your answers to the questions I pose. I strongly discourage you from using the Internet for these assignments or, for that matter, for all writing assignments for this course. These assignments are due by 11:59 PM EST Sunday at the end of the week in which they are assigned. (Weeks 1-11 begin on Monday and end on Sunday; Week 12 begins on Monday and ends on Friday)
Be sure to use the Writing Resources found in the left-side menu!
Primary sources:
Atrahasis https://www.livius.org/sources/content/anet/104-106-the-epic-of-atrahasis/
The Gilgamesh Epic flood story http://www.aina.org/books/eog/eog.pdf
The flood story from the Hebrew Bible Book of Genesis [chapters 6-9] https://www.livius.org/articles/misc/great-flood/flood1-t-bible_2/
What are the common features shared among these accounts?
What do the Mesopotamian accounts indicate about the relationship between the gods and humankind?

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