What are the conflicting demands of your stakeholders?

Note that you may not have complete information about the project and/or the organization. You are welcome to use the free web to find additional information or stretch your imagination. Make sure to cite your sources if you use external resources. When complete information is not available, it is okay to make assumptions. You can always revise your assumptions when more information becomes available. In other words, some of your information may be fictional.
Don’t need one page. Only need to do this part of the Worksheet:
Part V. Anticipate Trade-offs
-What are the conflicting demands of your stakeholders? What trade-offs can you anticipate in terms of quality, time, and cost?
-What “scope creep” can you anticipate? What additional problems might stakeholders want the project to solve? Clarify what lies inside (and outside) the project’s scope.
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Discipline: Project Management

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