What are the current economic development initiatives in your community;

Assignment 2: Community Paper Essay Paper Guidelines
Worth: 30%
This assignment is designed to apply the knowledge you will learn in this course to communities. The goal is to critically assess a First Nation community using the criteria below. In doing so, you can learn more about that community. Learning about both the strengths and weaknesses of a community can help you understand the unique needs, as well as what opportunities for economic development and other initiatives would work. These kinds of assessments are common in business and community development.
This paper must include:
1. A cover page.
2. A bibliography in APA format. APA format guide link is on the main page.
3. In-text citations in APA format. APA format guide link is on the main page.
3. An Introduction: The introduction must:
– set up the main argument of the paper (what is your overall impression/assessment about the community)
– describe the location, setting (where is it in Canada/province/near citites or not)
– you must also explain who lives there etc…
The Introduction must also include an argument – for what kinds of development etc. you will be recommending and why. This is critical and MUST be included. The introduction will be 2-3 paragraphs.
4. Community Assessment – Economic Conditions
Next, you need to describe the economic conditions within the First Nation community you have selected with respect to each of the following indicators (you are not limited to these – you may use other indicators you deem appropriate). Each of the variables you discuss may have an impact on economic development within your community. The indicators may also provide a measure of the quality of life experienced by your community’s residents – therefore you must describe these indicators relative to some other. These assessments will represent your understanding based on research.
a. Employment rate
b. Participation rate
c. Income levels
d. Housing
e. Education attainment
f. Health indicators
g. Social indicators
h. Personal experiences – if these give a clear picture of certain issues please add.
i. Other community factors that have a potential to impact economic development are: Market Opportunities, Governance, Natural Resources, Industries (existing and planned)
5. Your Assessment of the Opportunities, Challenges, and Your Move Forward Plan:
As part of this assessment you must create a plan. Identify the opportunities, and how you would move forward.
a. What are the current economic development initiatives in your community;
b. What jobs are there now, and where?
c. How would you address any existing challenges;
d. How to exploit existing and new opportunities.
e. How would you turn current challenges in to opportunities.
6. Conclusion
The conclusion of this paper should demonstrate your confidence in the plan you have created for the community, sum up any final points, bring closer to the readers, and give your final perspective on the community.
NOTE: Students MUST select a First Nation Community.
Submission Guidelines:
Each paper must be approximately 2200-2400 words in length and follow APA guidelines. A link for APA guidelines is on the main page of UR Courses.
It is also right here:
The paper must be in 12-point font, double-spaced.
The paper must include a bibliography list of sources in APA format.
10 marks:Demonstration quality research and attention to detail
10 marks:Quality of assessments, attention paid to each section requested
5 marks: Overall construction and conclusion
5 marks: Grammar and APA format

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