What are the main sustainability issues in the sector?

1. An introduction and some definitions of relevant sustainability concepts generally and in the context of business. Description of the sector/industry under which your chosen companies are located. What are the main sustainability issues in the sector?
2. The case studies: here, you will identify a minimum of three, but not more than five cases/companies in the sector critically overviewed above. Describe the companies, and their operation, with key statistics. What is the level of sustainability awareness/maturity in these companies? This can be demonstrated by critically analysing the level of sustainability that exists in these companies (human and ecological). What has been the impact of these sustainability practices/initiatives being on the community where the companies are located, including the companies’ employees and the environment in general? You must leverage appropriate concepts and theories discussed during lectures, seminars, and through independent research, in your critical analysis.
3. A reflective analysis of how the development of the portfolio has contributed to the student’s own understanding of sustainability as a concept and the potential opportunities for businesses.
4. Concluding remark: here you will write a relevant set of final remarks, and ideally looking at the challenges and opportunities for enabling sustainability in business.

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