What are the social economic, political systems that are involved?

Instructions to writer. Class name: Business & Global Society, MBA
Objective: We as a team are given to solve one of the global UN problems. We have chosen “Life on Land” https://sdgs.un.org/goals/goal15. I’m responsible for specific part of that group assignment – Stakeholders/System. Company: Syngenta https://www.syngenta.com/en
Challenge: The global declining of natural pollinators. (biotic pollination by insects)
Solution: It’s proposed to use robotics bees to pollinate agriculture crops and flowers in order to increase the total crop production.
Task: It’s proposed to write: Stakeholders/System
1. What are the social economic, political systems that are involved?
2. Who specifically within those systems – i.e., the stakeholders – do you need to engage to address the risk, realize the opportunity, create the shared value you propose?
3. What are their roles and responsibilities, interests and motivations? i.e., Why should they care?
4. What might motivate them, win their support? i.e., what might be possible incentives, shared objectives?
5. What principles will guide the interactions between the various actors?
6. What are the feedback loops, governance structures to ensure stakeholder behavior that is consistent with ultimate goals?
PAPER LENGTH: please note that paper should not exceed 700-1000 words maximum, using Times New Roman, font size 12, double spaced + references

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