What are the unique needs of parents at the chosen level?

Use your text, Transforming the School Counseling Profession, to complete the following:
Chapter 11, “Academic K-12 Development and Planning for College and Career Readiness,” pages 232–248
Attached are other material to use
Select one of the following three grade levels:
Elementary school.
Middle school.
High school.
Discuss the following:
What are the unique needs of parents at the chosen level? How might school counselors address those needs?
What barriers to parent involvement do you foresee? What can you as a school counselor do to help alleviate the barriers?
Comments from Customer
Gonzalez, L. M., Borders, L. D., Hines, E. M., Villalba, J. A., & Henderson, A. (2013). Parental involvement in children’s education: Considerations for school counselors working with Latino immigrant families. Professional School Counseling, 16(3), 185–193.
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Rust, J. P. (2019). Addressing the sociocultural determinants of African American students’ academic achievement: The four themes of the American School Counselor Association’s National Model and the role of school counselors. Urban Education, 54(8), 1149–1175

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