What arguments from the documentary could you use to back up your opinion?

So i have 4 materials to read/ watch for the work and after that . Once you have done this, please respond to the following questions for your Unit 3 Assignment:
Have we struck the proper balance between the federal government protecting our rights and making laws effectively, or has the government overstepped its bounds?
Please pick TWO of the six issues listed below, which are covered in the documentary:
Toilets (Energy conservation)
Coal Plants for Energy (Air Quality)
Wheat Farmers
Integration of Schools
For each example you choose, please respond to the following three questions:
From your point of view, who should have the final word, the state governments or the federal government? Why?
What arguments from the documentary could you use to back up your opinion?
What arguments could you use from the Constitution and its history to back up your opinion?

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