What aspects of the test do not make it an accurate assessment of IQ?

Reflection Paper: IQ Test Reflection
Instructions for completion:
Step 1: Go to the website linked below and complete the IQ test. No fee is required but
you do need to enter your email to get your results.
Step 2: Reflect on and discuss the results of your IQ test:
1) Summarize the results (what was your score/approximate can be given if you prefer)
2) Do the results match with your self-perception of your IQ? Explain
3) Do you think this type of test provides an accurate assessment of one’s IQ? What
aspects about the test do make it an accurate assessment of IQ? What aspects of the
test do not make it an accurate assessment of IQ? Discuss ideas on what would make
an IQ test more accurate/more useful. Hint: consider reliability and validity
This should be no more than three, double-spaced pages.
Instructions for submission:
Upload a Word doc file to the submission link in Assignments in BlackBoard.

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