What can you conclude about the story itself based upon your answers to the questions above?

Character Analysis and Story Interpretation
(Due Sunday by midnight)
Part A: Brainstorming
I. Select a quotation (dialogue) or passage from this week’s story “Revised Endings” that you believe encapsulates a central idea of the story. Your selected passage should highlight one of the characters in the story (Harriet? Lord Harold Wiggins? Mr. Johnson? Kitty?).
II. Pay close attention to the four types of characterization that disclose information about characters:
Physical descriiption.
Speech and actions.
Direct comment from the narrator.
Speech and actions of other characters.
III. Now, analyze the character within your selected quotation or passage by way of these five habits:
Motivation: What causes the character to act?
Behavior: What startling action does the character do? Why?
Consequences: What results from the character’s behavior?
Responsibility: Is the character held accountable for his/her actions? Why or why not?
Expectations: Are the reader’s expectations fulfilled or challenged? Why is this so?
Part B: Findings
IV. What can you conclude about the story itself based upon your answers to the questions above?
What I am looking for here is critical thinking: what can we deduce from your analysis that can give us an opportunity to learn more about the values of our culture (art, literature, relationship dynamics, socio-economic systems, justice or authority)?
V. Share your findings in a brief (200 words, minimum) response paper (MLA format, please: double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font; header on first page, etc.). Also include your brainstorming in the file.

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