What conclusions can you draw from this seminar presentation relative to your theme?

1. “Information Management: a CIO Perspective” – Tom Gill, 01/13/22
2. “What Drives Venture Capital?” – Paul Vroomen, 01/20/22
3. “Customer-Centric Product Development: … How To Thrive in Times of Major
Changes” – Tanguy Leborgne, 01/27/22
4. “From the IBM PS/2 Computer to the Smart Phone:…” – Sam Huynh,02/03/22
For the topic you have selected write a 1200–1500-word term-paper (usually 5-7 double-spaced
pages) using the process and structure described below.
Before writing the paper create an outline for the paper based on the structure described in the
four bullets below. You must attach your outline at the end of your paper. Carefully read the
next four bullets before creating your outline.
• Divide your paper into sections and subsections, each with an appropriate heading.
Each section will contain several paragraphs. Each paragraph should contain only one
idea, which is clearly stated at the beginning of the paragraph, and then developed in the
remainder of the paragraph.
• Set-up the theme for your paper (1-2 paragraphs): Develop a creative, thoughtprovoking theme or hypothesis for your paper. This theme should be within the context
of (clearly stated) key product/technology, and/or business/management, and/or
commercialization (marketing, finance) issues addressed in the speaker’s presentation.
• Develop the theme (8-10 paragraphs). Develop your theme or hypothesis with suitable
arguments, supported by evidence and examples. Be sure that the technology issues
(e.g., a company’s technologies and products) and business issues (e.g., strategy,
marketing, sales) that you address are clearly related to the speaker’s presentation.
• End the theme (1-2 paragraphs): Re-examine your theme or hypothesis. Does it still
stand? Does it need to be refined, or changed? What conclusions can you draw from this
seminar presentation relative to your theme?
Use the following sources of information in writing your term paper: the speaker presentations slide available on Canvas; additional internet and library research if needed.

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