What did Smith owe to the Physiocrats and Turgot?

The term paper outline (consisting of a title, a brief explanation of the topic, and a bibliography of appropriate primary and secondary sources)
Examples of possible term paper topics
Aristotle and Oresme on the functions of money
Xenophon on natural resource economics
Aristotle on justice in exchange
Aquinas on the just price
Changing concepts of the just price in later Scholastic economics
San Bernardino of Siena and Sant= Antonino of Florence as Scholastic economists
Changing concepts of usury in medieval Scholastic thought
Medieval Islamic economics: Ibn Khaldun on the economic role of government
Islamic predecessors of Ibn Khaldun
The Salamanca School and the quantity theory of money
Jean Bodin and the APrice Revolution@ of the Sixteenth Century
William Petty=s use of statistics
Mercantilists on labour supply from Petty to Young
The King-Davenant law of demand
Gregory King as a precursor of national income accounts
John Locke on money and interest
John Law=s land bank proposal
Keynes vs. Heckscher on mercantilism
Richard Cantillon between mercantilism and Physiocracy
Isaac Gervaise (1720) on international monetary equilibrium
Bernard Mandeville=s Fable of the Bees
David Hume on international monetary adjustment
Hume on the short-term real effects of inflation
The Physiocratic theory of taxation
The Physiocratic view of foreign trade
Turgot on time preference and the interest rate
Marx and the Tableau Economique
Sir James Steuart=s Principles of Political Economy (1767) on value
Steuart on trade
Steuart on growth
Adam Smith on the mercantile system of political economy (WN, Book IV)
What did Smith owe to the Physiocrats and Turgot?
Plato, Smith, and Marx on the division of labour
Smith on productive and unproductive labour
Smith on rent: one theory or two?
Smith on joint stock companies and the principal-agent problem
Smith on the balance of payments and international adjustment
The consistency or inconsistency of The Wealth of Nations with The Theory of Moral Sentiments
Was there a labour-embodied theory of value in Smith, or labour-commanded?
Smith on wages
Smith on the economics of education
Smith vs. Bentham on the Usury Laws
Smith on banking
Beccaria on the economics of smuggling (or Beccaria as an economist)
James Anderson: an anticipation of the classical theory of rent?
Sir Edward West and the discovery of the classical theory of rent
A. N. Isnard on general equilibrium in the 1790s
Malthus=s use of empirical evidence about population
Sir Frederick M. Eden=s The State of the Poor (1797) compared to Malthus (1798) on poverty
Malthus on the Corn Laws
Ricardo vs. Malthus on the possibility of general gluts
Robert Torrens and David Ricardo on the principle of comparative advantage
ASay=s Law of Markets@: Jean-Baptiste Say or James Mill?
Sismondi=s challenge to classical political economy
John Barton and David Ricardo on machinery
Ricardo and debt neutrality
Bentham, J. S. Mill, and utility
John Stuart Mill on the role of demand in determining international values
John Stuart Mill on the economic role of government
Mill (either James or his son John Stuart) and India
Harriet Taylor Mill and John Stuart Mill on the economic role of women
James Mill vs. William Thompson and Anna Wheeler on the position of women
John Rae on capital accumulation
John Rae on innovation and protection for industry
AUtopian socialists@ as precursors of Marx
The Classical political economists and the New Poor Law
The Classical political economists and the Factory Acts
Classical political economy and the regulation of railways
Classical political economy and the Scottish Highland clearances
Classical political economy and the Irish famine
Jane Marcet and/or Harriet Martineau as popularizers of Classical political economy
Edward Gibbon Wakefield on the political economy of emigration and colonization
Marx=s critique of Wakefield
Marx on the transformation problem
Marx on the Asiatic mode of production
Marx on the falling rate of profit
Marx on the increasing severity of economic crises
How did Ricardo influence Marx?
Marx=s schemes of simple and expanded reproduction (early growth models)
Dupuit=s cost-benefit analysis of public works
Cournot on the mathematical method in economics
Cournot and Bertrand on oligopoly
Von Thunen on location theory
Von Thunen on the Anatural wage@
Gossen on utility and demand
Peak coal in 1865: Jevons on The Coal Question
Early economic analysis of slavery (e.g. Cairnes, The Slave Power)
How the “dismal science” got its name

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