what did this source provide or demonstrate that others did not

Scholarly: Peer-reviewed journals; texts, scholarly books, non-fiction accounts
Credible: Substantive news articles; websites ending in .edu, .gov
Summary of source
Summary of findings, main arguments, or conclusions
Who was studied? (For non-research sources, population; for research studies, population and sample)
Demographics of population or sample examined (age, sex, SES, race/ethnicity, grade, immigration status, disability status, etc.)
Critique the source
Limitations of research or information (strengths, weaknesses, biases, missing information; this must be included even if the authors do not provide and when they do, you are to comment in addition to their discussion)
Uniqueness/significance of the information (how does it help you better understand the topic, what did this source provide or demonstrate that others did not)
Concise, well-written/organized, formatted per APA (approximately 200-250 words per source).
make sure to include also theory and uniqueness as well within the
************Please provide link to source

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