What did you find most interesting/compelling/valuable?

For question 1: Read the four attached articles and answer the three questions in No.1 for each article. The answer doesn’t need to be long.
For question 2: Find a current event or news in relate to sustainability and tourism, write in short.
1. Take notes on each assigned article using the specific instructions provided below.
– Can you identify the article’s purpose statement? (e.g., “The aim/goal/purpose of this article/research/study is to…”)
– What are the authors’ key points or arguments? (there may be one or many; oftentimes there will be one main argument supported by several other key points)
– What are YOUR main takeaways from this article? What did you find most interesting/compelling/valuable?
2. Prepare to share with class an observation, idea, experience, or news story that you came across this past week that relates to the topic of sustainable tourism and/or CSR. This could be something that happened to you at work, an interesting news article about a destination, or an idea you have for a business to improve their sustainability (whether in big or small ways!). The point of this exercise is to start observing the world around you from a sustainability and CSR lens, inside and outside of class time. It’s also a good way for us to get to know each other better and kick off our weekly discussions.
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Discipline: Sustainability, CSR and Impact Planning

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