What did you learn about your ethnic and racial cultural group in textbooks or classroom instruction in elementary, middle, and high school?

To reflect upon your life and provide a written account of your experiences with diversity, equity, inclusion, social justice, and the socialization process.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember that this a Writing Enriched course and therefore 30% of the score will be determined by the quality of your writing: style, organization, syntax, grammar, and spelling. Reflection is also important!
My name is ….,23 years ago,teacher assistant in the preschool room.I was borned and raised in raeford,nc.I lived in Hoke county my entire life.I have a one year old daughter.I’m from the United States.I am a Christian religion.
Decide what format you would like to use to create your sociocultural autobiography. This is a written paper, but you can include images and graphics to make it more attractive and to communicate specific meaning and symbols.
Create your autobiography that should have at least 600 words. Be sure to include the following components:
A self-introduction with your name, age, and profession (…, 23,and birth to kindergarten)
A description of where you grew up according to the factors listed below for your hometown(s) as reported by the S. Census. If there has been significant change in any of the factors on the list since the time you were growing up, make note of them.
Geographical location(s): City, state, and country
Population density: Urban, rural, suburb (Raeford,Nc)
Approximate population size: Small (2,000 people or less), medium (2,001-22,999 people), large (23,000 people or more)
Percentage breakdown of the population by race/ethnicity
Median household income
If you did not grow up in the United States, provide the listed information to the best of your ability. Useful data is available from the Population Reference Bureau.
A description of your experiences with cultural diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice as a developing child, teenager, and adult.
Guiding Questions
Do you believe your experiences were culturally diverse? Why or why not?
What did you learn about your ethnic and racial cultural group in textbooks or classroom instruction in elementary, middle, and high school?
How are your adult (age 18 and older) experiences similar to or different from your childhood experiences?
What messages (verbal and non-verbal) did you receive from your community, family, media, peers, and work environments regarding diversity and being “different,” or unlike the majority of people reflective of the community’s appearance, beliefs, and values?
*Diversity includes, but is not limited to age, beauty/appearance, dis/ability, economic status, gender, language, race, religion, sexual orientation, and size (height and weight).
What beliefs, traditions, and values did you acquire from your community, family, media, peers, and work environment? Which of these did you accept, change, or reject?
A summary of what you believe the sociocultural process is
How do you feel enculturation, acculturation, and normalization processes affected your cultural identity, cultural template (outlook on diversity), and self-esteem as a cultural being?
Submit your assignment by the due date.

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