What do you think would be helpful to know about the audience that was not provided?

Deconstruct your team’s brief about APPLE, call out questions and observations. What matters is how insightful your questions and observations are. Some sample questions:
Where is the business now? Is the brand or product new, mature, growing or shrinking? What are the product’s existing brand values?
What is the business objective? What part of the sales funnel / customer loop is the business objective? Is it about growing awareness of an unknown/ new product, or increasing usage/ frequency of a current product, driving actions such as trial or store visits?
What do we know about the three “Cs?” – Competitors, their strengths, weaknesses, market position, and media strategy. Context for the campaign – political, social, and technological movements. Category, i.e. how people see the product category (i.e., is the product “fast food” or “luxury car.”)
What do we know about the audience? What is the audience thinking, feeling, doing? What are the barriers that keeps the audience from engaging?
What do you think would be helpful to know about the audience that was not provided?
What do we know about when and where the product will be available? (i.e. seasonality) and when your audience will be most receptive to your messaging (i.e. meal planning late Sunday afternoon)

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