What does a proper Early Childhood Education teacher’s attire consist of on a daily basis?

You must read this and thoroughly answer the following questions. You will not receive full credit for a yes or no answer. You must state why in addition. Some answers to the questions may be yes and no, depending on the situation—describe these. You may need to do some additional research in order to answer all of the questions.
Lets talk about professionalism. Answer the following questions based on your own opinions and readings from your textbook.
1. What does a proper Early Childhood Education teacher’s attire consist of on a daily basis?
2. What are 5 things you should remember to AVOID when dressing for your internship/job at a childcare center?
3. Attendance is a big factor in the teaching field. If a teacher is late or calls out, it affects the entire classroom, and possibly others, as the center/school must figure out how to cover the missing teacher ensuring that ratios are still met. In what ways does a late or called out teacher affect the classroom? Name 5 ways.
4. How do you think professional development courses can help a teacher avoid burnout?
5. To you, what is the number 1 aspect of professionalism in the Early Childhood field?

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