What does it mean to me personally?

The doctrine of justification by faith is for many Christians the heart of the gospel and center of theology. Due to its importance to the church, it is important that we understand and internalize why it has been such good news to so many. Therefore, you are to write a 4-5 page paper answering two questions: (1) What is the doctrine of justification? (2) What does it mean to me personally? Your job is to summarize the Bible’s teaching on justification (OT and NT) and explain how this does or should affect your everyday life, studies, vocation, relationships, self-image, etc. Be thoughtful and reflective on this second part, as most of your grade is determined by the quality of your personal reflections. Note: This is not a research paper, so don’t worry about secondary sources. However, if you don’t understand terms or ideas and decide to use secondary sources, make sure you cite them properly.

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