what does the artist seem to be highlighting?

Find an artistic representation (painting, photograph, film, dance, music, etc.) of a biblical story. Find the corresponding biblical story and read it closely. Compare the artist’s representation to the biblical story. Ask yourself: what does the artist seem to be highlighting? What does the artist seem to ignore? Does the artwork obscure the original meaning? Does the artwork highlight the original meaning? What matters for the artist? Please note: you do not have to answer each one of these questions in the paper; they are to guide your analysis.
Once you have done that, organize your thoughts into the form of a 4-6 page paper. Outline the key points of the biblical passage, and then compare the passage with the artistic representation. Then let me know what you think: what do you think the artist is trying to convey? Is it consistent with the original meaning? Why or why not?
Craft a thesis that anticipates your analytic comments and your point of view.
The goals of this assignment:
To give you an opportunity to focus on one particular passage or artwork that interests you.
To have you closely engage with one particular biblical text.
To hone your analytic skills.
To give you a chance to articulate your own opinions.

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