What factors can be leveraged to ensure successful project outcomes?

I am currently working at Advantage care physician ACPNY ; where i will implement my DNP project . Please use their website and answer all question
Answer the following discussion board question:
The opinion of the critical stakeholders determines your DNP project’s success. What factors can be leveraged to ensure successful project outcomes?
The initial post should be 300 to 400 words long. The post should be written using the professional style described in the APA manual (7th ed.).
This assignment requires each student to collaborate with classmates on the stakeholders of their projects. Each student must make a substantive comment on three classmates’ posts before midnight on 2/16/22
A substantive comment points out a strength of the classmate’s post or an opportunity to refine the post.
Each student must respond to their classmates’ comments about their project before midnight on 2/16/22.
Responses must demonstrate that the student understands the classmate’s feedback and is willing to incorporate it into the project’s design or has a compelling reason for not doing so.

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