What feelings and thoughts have been aroused?

SWK 620 100 Points
This assignment is for you to develop an individual Psycho-Social Assessment in professional clinical document (single-spaced) in report formatting
style (this is not an APA formatted assignment) and formulate goals that you would address if you were going to continue working with this
person. Students will include in this assessment the strengths of the client and indicate the intended goals for the future utilizing the strengths based
perspective. One of the goals of this assignment is for you to have the opportunity to practice your interviewing, assessment, and goal formation
Completing a Psycho-Social Assessment with an Individual (using the Assessment format below):
Options for completing the assessment:
1) Conduct an assessment in your work/practicum setting:
If you work in a social service setting and you think it is appropriate to complete this assignment, you may ask the permission of your direct
supervisor if you may ask a client to help you with this assignment. Then, you must ask the client for their permission to help you complete this
assignment. Please let them know you will not include their names (use pseudonym) to this assignment and only your instructor will read the
2) Conduct an assessment with a friend, family member or acquaintance (a family member or friend may be an imaginary client for this assignment):
Let the individual know they will need to discuss a problem or concern they are facing (this is important for the goal section of this assignment).
 Thus, the individual can choose to discuss an actual concern or they can make up a problem/concern for the purposes of this assignment.
 Please change the individual’s name (use pseudonym) to maintain confidentiality. It is important that you explain that you are conducting a
practice interview and assessment, and you will write a report that your instructor will read.
 It is absolutely essential that you inform the individual that you will be conducting an interview and assessment and you obtain permission to
complete both as informed consent is an importation part of being an ethical social worker.
3) Conduct an assessment with a case scenario included in the course resources:
The case scenarios are provided in case students are not yet enrolled in a field practicum or are not yet working in the field of social work. The case
scenarios will not include all of the information needed for this assignment. Rather, they are meant to be a guide for students to begin thinking about
the complexities of a case. It will be the student’s responsibility to fill in or make up the details of the case (identifying information, presenting
problem, background history, etc.)
See the sample outline for this assignment and follow it to create your assessment report.
Please make sure your questions are developmentally and socially appropriate for the person you are assessing. If you are not able to obtain all the
information needed for the assessment or if a person does not want to answer specific questions, it is okay.
Please follow the format below to use for the assignment
Use the headings as they are listed (you do not need to include the letter A, B, C etc.) and write the information in complete sentences.
For example:
I. Identifying Information
The client is a 30-year-old Hispanic male. He is currently employed as a police officer. The client has been married to his wife of 12 years and they
have 3 children. He was referred by his employee assistance program.
Psycho-social Assessment Format
I. Identifying Information [10 points]
A. Demographic information: Name (can be changed for confidentiality) age, sex, ethnic group, current employment, marital status, physical
environment/housing: nature of living circumstances (house, apartment, group home, other shared living arrangement or homeless);
B. Referral information: referral source (self or other), reason for referral. Other professionals or indigenous helpers currently involved.
C. Data sources used in writing this assessment
II. Presenting Problem [20 points]
A. Descriiption of the problem, and situation for which help is sought as presented by the client. Use the client’s words. What precipitated the
current difficulty? What feelings and thoughts have been aroused? How has the client coped so far?
B. Who else is involved in the problem? How are they involved? How do they view the problem? How have they reacted? How have they
contributed to the problem or solution?
C. Past experiences related to current difficulty. Has something like this ever happened before? If so, how was it handled then? What were
the consequences?
III. Background History [20 points]
A. Family background: descriiption of family of origin and current family. Extent of support. Family perspective on client and client’s
perspective on family. Family’s influence on client and intergenerational factors.
B. Intimate relationship history
C. Educational and/or vocational training
D. Employment history
E. Military history (if applicable)
F. Use and abuse of alcohol or drugs, self and family
G. Medical history: illnesses, accidents, surgery, disabilities, health problems, exercise, sleep
H. Mental health history: previous mental health problems and treatment, outcome of treatment, family mental health issues.
I. Other significant events: deaths of significant others, serious losses or traumas, significant life achievements
J. Cultural background: race/ethnicity, primary language/other languages spoken, significance of cultural identity, cultural strengths,
experiences of discrimination or oppression, migration experience.
K. Faith/Spirituality/Religion: identified faith/spirituality/religion, the role spirituality/religion
IV. Assessment [20 points]
A. What is the key issue or problem from the client’s perspective? From the worker’s perspective?
B. How effectively is the client functioning?
C. What factors, including thoughts, behaviors, personality issues, environmental circumstances, stressors, vulnerabilities, and needs seem to
be contributing to the problem(s)? Please use the ecological perspective as a framework when identifying these factors.
D. Identify the strengths, coping ability, and resources that can be mobilized to help the client.
E. Assess client’s motivation and potential to benefit from intervention
V. Recommendations/Proposed Intervention [15 points]
A. Tentative Goals
1. One Short-term (with measurable objectives and tasks)
2. One Long-term (with measurable objectives and tasks)
B. Proposed intervention
C. Possible obstacles and tentative approach to obstacles
VI. Quality and Format of Writing [15 points]
This assignment is to be written as a professional/clinical document in “report format” as a report to be submitted to the agency/organization
in which the student may be in field or employed. This is not an APA style assignment! Assignment is to be single-spaced, well written,
well organized & free from grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. Please be sure to review the grading rubric before you start writing
so you include all the required components.
Psycho-Social Assessment: Grading Rubric
(Revised: Dr. McFeaters Spring 2020)
Criteria Ratings Points
Capstone (A)
Benchmark (B)
Emerging Skill (C)
Not Competent (D/F)
Response includes thorough and
detailed descriiption of the
identifying information. 10 pts.
Response includes a good
descriiption of the identifying
information. 8 pts.
Response includes very brief
descriiption of the identifying
information; specific details are
lacking. 7 pts.
Response does not include a
descriiption of the
identifying information;
little or no information
provided. 6-0 pts.
___ of 10
Presenting Problem Response includes thorough and
detailed descriiption of the
presenting problems. 20 pts.
Response includes a good
descriiption of the presenting
problems. 17 pts.
Response includes very brief
descriiption of the presenting
problems; specific details are
lacking. 14 pts.
Response does not include a
descriiption of the presenting
problems; little or no
information provided.
13-0 pts.
___ of 20
Response includes thorough and
detailed descriiption of the

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