What grade do you think you should get in this class?

For your last assignment complete this proposition: “I Should get a _________ (grade) in this class!”
You have read about LD in the text, reviewed LD debate material in discussion, completed analysis of LD debate in flowchart form and engaged in your own LD debate. For the last time this course, you will create an LD debate. Specifically, your argument MUST contain a VALUE. You must also include as you should in any complete and logical argument, evidence to support your claim. This evidence should come in the form of credible sources, reserach, statistics, facts, etc. Your argument should NOT rest solely on your opinion. In this last assignment you will argue for the grade you think you should get in this class. A good argument may use as proof the syllabus, assignments completed, grades earned, and evidence that you have achieved the student learning objectives as listed in the syllabus. Do not forget however to include explanation necessary to refute arguments to the contrary. Is your grade lower than you would like? Did you miss any assignments? Did you encounter any issues in this class or personally that made it more difficult to earn your goal grade? Review as well, the Toulmin model in which we discussed the concept of modality to determine whether or not any remaining assignments might affect the effectiveness of your argument, mainly, your cumulative final exam.
There is NO minimum page count for this assignment. You do NOT need to upload a video only a text. It is expected that you complete a clear and logical, well supported argument to prove your case. What grade do you think you should get in this class? Why? Prove it! Use LD debate format. SEE student examples

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