what guidelines for parent training might you suggest?

When you study Community Psychology, you learn about how children and families especially those of color, are the most vulnerable to the injustices of society.They tend tobe in the interest be among its most powerless members of & have historically been the primary recepients of mental healthtreatment & other human services(Diller, J., 2016. Cultural Diversity. 8th ed. Boston: Cengage, pp.6-7).
Read the scenarion below and analyze the diversity issues they pose, and in 500 words or more, in essay form, answer the questions at the end of the scenario. Be sure to write and citing properly in APA format with in text citations and references for any resources you take information from.
You are a cultural consultant to a local adoption agency. Recently the agency has been the object of lobbying & protests of their policy of open adoption by a local group made up of ethnic parents and professionals who oppose cross-racial adoption.
The agency has always prided itself on its color blindness & committment to find the the best parents for every child, regardless of race or ethnicity. You have been asked to advise the board, explain to them the position of the protestors, and take a position on which course would be in the best interest of these children of color. Also, if the board decides to continue cross-racial adoption, what guidelines for parent training might you suggest?

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