What has been left out of the screen version we watched?

In this report, you should not exceed 300 words limit, font 12 times new roman. The topic is about evaluating the effectiveness of the modern screened version of Sophocles’ Antigone. It could be in point-form:
Here are the points that you should touch on. You should reproduce the headings to the report and answer each question below:
• What are the main themes of Sophocles’ version?
• What are the main themes of this screened version?
• What has been left out of the screen version we watched?
• Was the chorus convincing in this version?
• Which version do you like best, the printed version or this screen version?
The source is attached (they are 11 links for 11 parts of the movie) in additional materials, it is a video on youtube of 11 parts made by Don Taylor. Please do not exceed 300-310 words and answer based on the 11 parts videos provided below.
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Discipline: Greek and Roman Arts

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