What has been the accompanying soundtrack at salient moments?

Taking inspiration from the readings from the first month of the course, create a “soundtrack” of your life. Imagine the unfolding of your life as a film – what has been the accompanying soundtrack at salient moments? Examples may be drawn from your earliest memory, family gathering, sibling and friend hangouts, school life, neighborhood festivals, etc. Applying the musical vocabulary you have learned so far, describe the personal significance of each track and its prominent musical features (i.e., timbre/instrumentation, dynamics, rhythm, and pitch/melody, form, and genre). You are required to discuss at least five tracks. For each soundtrak, include the title of the song (“in quotes”) and performing artist.
Your essay should be a minium of 600 words in length (please include a word count). Please provide an original title, write in complete sentences, indent paragraphs, and proofread. Your essay will be graded on content and style. Submit the completed essay in word document only to the Assignment Portal on Bb before the end of the day on February 18. All assignment turned in after that time will be subject to the course’s late work grading policy.

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