What has been written in the news print media in the past 5 years about your topic?

This is a progressive paper, and this is the first of the four research assignments. I want you to select a topic that you can relate to professionally and take this opportunity to learn as much about it as possible. Last week you submitted a topic so you should be good to go. Let me run a scenario: drug overdose with prescription pain meds. The four papers are as follows: US News, Federal and State Regulations, Case Law and the Synthesis.
Module 2 paper would be with my example a thorough review of how the press is viewing your issue. Use as many citations as you like knowing that you are building a case for dealing with the problem of prescription pain med overdose. The second paper will look at the laws currently on the books designed to deal with pain med overdose. Remember, you are crafting a cumulative story. Your paper:
US News – What has been written in the news print media in the past 5 years about your topic? How big a topic is it? How much is this topic on the minds of people in America? What are some related issues to your topic and how does it link to your professional interests? Develop your thesis. Length: 5-8 pages
Send the US News based paper by 11:00 PM MDT/MST on Sunday of the second week of Module 2. We will work out any confusion over the scope, depth or appropriateness of any topic.
Write the thesis statement in one sentence. The main portion of the paper will consist of arguments to support and defend this statement.
Save the paper in .docx (Microsoft Word) format.

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