What have you learned from this class that you think you would include?

One 5-page Paper: 15% of grade
Due to the pace of this class, papers turned in after the due date CANNOT accepted. You can hand in your paper any time before then, starting next week. I have loved reading the papers from this course, and look forward to reading yours.
Please do your paper as early as you can in case anything happens. The paper is worth 15 percentage points (15% of final grade).
Here are the instructions for the paper:
PLEASE upload the paper through Blackboard, preferably typed in Word. Remember, this paper should be at least 5 pages long, typed in 12-point font, preferably in Arial or Times New Roman. This paper should also be in APA-style. If you haven’t written in APA-style format, our Library’s web page has information on it, or you can go to
and pick out what you need. Better yet, enter “APA style sample” into a Google search and you’ll see a sample paper. For our assignment, you need an APA cover page (2 points), running head (2 points), references cited within your paper in APA-style (5 points), and a reference page in APA-style (6 points). But you don’t need an abstract, nor any charts or graphs.
Here are the paper options…Be thoughtful and creative, and PLEASE show me what you learned from our class by incorporating some of the information we read or discussed:
Create a class for a particular age group. For example, Financial Advice 101, Introduction to Relationships 101, The Advantages of Different Forms of Exercise, Introduction to Parenting, What To Avoid in Life, How to Get Through Adolescence, Introduction to Mid-Life, Advice for In-Laws, High School Success Tips, Succeeding Socially in High School, How to Get and Keep a Job, Adjusting to DayCare for Parents, etc. Tell me in your paper:
1) Who would be your target audience in terms of age range, if applicable (would you include only 18- to 21-year-olds? 40- to 55-year-olds? 50-80 year-olds?) Do you have a reason for choosing the age group you did?
2) What topics would you cover? (For example, are there things you wish someone told you or taught you at that age or in that situation?) What do you think they really need to know? This doesn’t have to be academic in nature (e.g., you could include how to cook, how to manage money, how to build supportive relationships, what to avoid in life). Be as specific and descriptive as you can.
3) What have you learned from this class that you think you would include? Please cite your textbook, discussions, or articles so I know that you’re using what you learned.
4) What requirements would you require of your students? A test? A paper? A real-world experience? How many of each, if any, and why? If none of these, then think of a new way to measure whether your class was effective.
5) How long would your class run, and why? Would it be one day, one month, one year, two years? Life-long mentorship?
Please organize your paper and address each of these 5 areas, but do NOT re-write these questions on to your paper, and do NOT use the Question #’s on your paper. Let me know you’re shifting to a different question by using different paragraphs and introducing the new topic verbally (e.g., As for course assignments, students will be expected to…..)
Interview someone whom you admire for aging well. Make sure that (s)he agrees to be interviewed and knows that the information will be included in a paper. Create a new name and other identifying information in your paper so I cannot tell who the person is. What are his/her “secrets” to aging well? Tell me specifically what you like about the way this person is aging. Include a brief biography – how old (s)he is, where (s)he grew up and under what circumstances, where (s)he lives now, etc. Also describe this person’s personality. Tie in information from the text
and the articles as much as possible.
Movie Review! Watch “How to Live Forever,” directed by Mark Wexler. (Sorry – I don’t have a free copy – I had to pay to rent it on my iPad. Some have found it free on HULU.) Please don’t look at Rotten Tomatoes movie reviews – I’m interested in YOUR untainted thoughts – not theirs. What did you learn from it? What is your reaction to it? What were your favorite parts? Least favorite parts? As with all the options, bring in information from the text and articles wherever possible.
Write your own autobiography. Include concepts that you learned from this course. Be sure to cite your textbook and other sources.
Book Report. Read the book Aging with Grace: What the Nun Study Teaches Us About Leading Longer, Healthier, and More Meaningful Lives by David Snowdon. The book is easily available through Amazon at low prices. Please do not cheat and read only the Wikipedia entry, an article about the book, or an interview with David Snowdon. (I’ll most likely be able to tell, so please just don’t do it.) The book should be the basis for the book report. In your paper, summarize the important points from the book (2 pages), describe 2 or 3 nuns from the book (2 pages), and your reaction to the book (1 page). For this option, you might want to start early and give yourself a few weeks to get through as much as you can. To be honest, you can probably do the book report and get a good grade (depending on the quality of your writing) if you read half the book. It has so much information and is such a good read that you will learn a lot in just half of the book.
I hope you learn a lot from whichever option you choose! Please work on your paper over a period of at least 2-3 days, and send your best, EDITED work to me (not the first draft!). I look forward to “hearing” you “speak” in your own words.

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