What ideas will you use when you are calling the shots?

After reading the book Delivering Happiness, write a short answer to each of the following questions. The whole document should be about 1000 words. Please identify which question you are asking, and keep in mind your assignment is not to summarize the chapter, but to answer the questions.
Chapter 1
Share a failure that you learned from. OR Tony tried a bunch of businesses. What did you get out of reading about them?
Chapter 2
Who is your Sanjay? OR Tony walked away from a ton of money. Was this the right decision?
Chapter 3
Tony learned a lot about business by playing poker. What have you learned about business or life by playing sports or games?
Chapter 4
E-logisitics was a disappointment to Zappos. However, it was a useful disappointment, in that they learned not to outsource a core competency. What is the most useful disappointment of your life? OR What is your core competency–something that you need to avoid outsourcing?
Chapter 5
Pick a core value that would benefit you if you embraced it. Explain which core value it is, why you chose it, and how you might embrace it.
Chapters 6 and 7
Tony has an approach that works for Zappos. What ideas will you use when you are calling the shots? What will you not use?

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