What is an Executive Summary?

KCWaterPal Executive Summary
Read the ATTACHED advertising plan, it is MISSING an executive summary.
WRITE an EXECUTIVE SUMMARY for this advertising plan.
Make sure your executive summary includes ALL REQUIRED COMPONENTS, and correctly identify information for each component.
Write this executive summary as if YOU are the advertising agency pitching this ad plan to KCWaterPal.
So speak in the first person like, “In this plan, we lay out our vision to help KCWaterPal achieve XYZ.”
What is an Executive Summary?
The executive summary is a one-page synopsis of a company’s marketing or advertising plan. The summary gives a quick overview of the main points of the plan, a synopsis of what a company has done, what it plans to do, and how it plans to get there.
As you do this assignment, put yourself in the shoes of a CEO.
That CEO is theoretically the person reading this executive summary and is the person you need to win over with your plan.
The CEO is making high-level decisions about the direction of the company and how your company’s budget should be allocated.
However, an executive is incredibly busy and doesn’t have time to deeply understand every project or proposal. So, what would you need to know to decide if you were going to approve this ad plan?
How would it get your attention? What would make you see its purpose and value as quickly as possible? That’s what should drive the executive summary.
Please Download the ATTACHED ADVERTISING PLAN and Summarize it into a One-Page Executive Summary.

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