What is employee engagement and why does it matter?

For this assignment, you will formulate two thoughtful and relevant discussion questions that are directly related to the assigned reading. Here are some hints: • Write open-ended questions—these are questions that stimulate discussion and can’t be answered in one or two words. • Try to promote thinking about information rather than finding information. Try some “why” or “in your opinion…” questions and/or ask for examples. • Try to make your questions interesting and challenging. Remember that your classmates will be answering them. So make it fun! • Make sure your discussion questions are connected to the content or ideas being learned in this unit, and that the relationship is clear. You may want to refer to specific page numbers in the reading or to a website. • Try to address topics in the reading that you find interesting. • Be creative, but make sure your ideas are clear. • Please use appropriate grammar and complete sentences in your questions and replies. • Reread your contributions to ensure clarity and readability before posting. You will also select TWO discussion questions posted by your classmates and respond to those questions. It is okay if two people answer the same question, but make sure not to copy each other’s answers. It is a good idea to read others’ postings before posting your answer. Remember to use your own language. Do not copy from the textbook. When responding to your classmate’s questions, make sure to provide thoughtful and meaningful answers (at least 3-4 complete sentences); address the question fully. Feel free to express your own opinions but use examples to support your point; treat this as a short essay. You will also be expected to integrate knowledge learned from your textbook readings into your discussion responses. Cite the relevant textbook pages and references as needed. Providing examples from real-life experience that tie into the theories described in the text is also an effective strategy for demonstrating your knowledge and understanding of the learned content. Here are the two questions from students:
Question 1:
What is employee engagement and why does it matter? How is it measured and addressed in your workplace? Based on your reading of Chapter 10, what recommendations do you have for how to improve that process?
Question 2:
What are emotional labor and emotional regulation? What impact do they have on a worker’s well-being, attitudes toward work, and job performance? Have you experienced this impact in your current role – or at some point in your career?

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