What is globalization? Have you met globalization? If so, when, where and how?

Globalization and Its Multiple Dimensions: A Personal/Auto-Ethnographic Approach
Prompt: What is globalization? Have you met globalization? If so, when, where and how?
In writing this essay, you are to situate globalization in the world that surrounds you to reflect on globalization, its multiple dimensions, and the ways these dimensions have impacted (positively or negatively) your life or those/the community around you. In writing this essay, you are to choose 3 key terms/concepts that we examined in PART 1 of the course. It is up to you to decide the 3 key terms/concepts as long as they are from the class readings (i.e. G. Ritzer Chapter 1 + M. Steger’s book). Remember, in this paper I would like to hear your story/view of globalization, relating the concepts you are examining in your essay to your own life or the community around you is the most important aspect of the paper.
This paper should be 5 to 7 double-spaced pages, excluding the title page and the reference page.
In-text citations with the exact page number(s) (e.g. Steger, 2013, p. 2.) is required, when reflecting on the key/terms/concepts. Avoid using long or too many quotations from class readings. Paraphrase what the authors said, but still providing in-text references with exact page numbers is required.
For full references to class readings, please see either the worksheets/or class lectures.
You can submit your paper on Canvas only once. So please make sure you are submitting the final draft and the correct draft of your essay. Uploading a PDF format of your essay is highly encouraged.

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