What is needed in order to satisfy and maintain these care relations?

Examine the following scenario and perform the requested task using appeal to Held’s “Ethics of Care.”
Pam is a partnered mother of three. For the past twenty years, her mother, Rose, has lived with her, Pam’s three children, and Pam’s husband. Pam was a stay at home mother to her children, the last of whom moved out a few years ago. She has since been working part time at Wegman’s. Recently Rose’s health has been deteriorating and she is in need of someone to care for her basic needs such as feeding, washing, and clothing herself. Pam makes the decision to quit her job and stay home to care for Rose. Eventually, Rose’s health deteriorates so significantly that she requires a professional nurse. Pam and the nurse take care of Rose until she dies peacefully in her sleep.
Analyze and evaluate the scenario presented above. submit your findings via 300 words written response, mind map, or other pictorial representation upon instructor approval. Your response should include the following:
Identify the care relations or potential care relations in this scenario.
What is needed in order to satisfy and maintain these care relations?
Is/Can Pam be autonomous? How?
What worries might arise in this scenario concerning the demands of an ethics of care?
How can those worries be lessened?
Include at least one direct quote from the reading. The quote should be relevant to your answer and explained clearly.

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