What is observed during the interview should be included within the Observation section.

Get to know an adolescent or adult through observation(s).
The youngest age is thirteen (13).
The primary emphasis of the paper is the specific current observation of the individual for at least one (1) hour.
It is not a review of experiences and observations you may have had with the individual over a period of time.
It is not advised to observe a family member or someone close to you.
Briefly,clearly,and objectively present the specific current observation.
Be objective with your descriiptions of what you observed, heard, and learned about this individual.
Do not include interpretation and opinions.
Utilize the Observation Paper outline for the paper.
Use the three headings, Sources of Information, Background Information, and Observations, to organize your paper.
Observation Paper
I. Sources of Information (Maximum one paragraph)
Indicate how you gathered the information, e.g., observation, interview, records, etc.
Indicate the sources you used, e.g. individual, family members, teachers, etc.
Identifying information should be confidential.
Do not use actual names and places that could identify the individual.
Use first names only and, if needed, for the last name, an initial.
II. Background Information (Maximum one paragraph)
Information should be attributed to the source who provided it.
It is not to be you since you are the observer.
Descriiption of the individual
Descriiption of family make-up
Relevant Information regarding
Physical development and health of individuaEducational achievement
Social, emotional and/or behavioral development and adjustment
Socioeconomic factors
Special characteristics or problems
Previous experience with, and observations of, the individual are considered background information.
III. Observation (Maximum three pages)
This is the primary purpose of the paper.
Briefly, clearly, and objectively present the specific current observation of the individual.
If applicable, include the information you obtained from playing and talking with the individual.
This should be limited and not the main focus of the paper.
An interview is not considered an observation.
Information from an interview is Background Information.
What is observed during the interview should be included within the Observation section.
The papers are to be doubled spaced using a 12 point font.
Maximum length of total paper is four (4) pages.
Upon submitting written assignments, a student indicates he or she has not plagiarized and is responsible for having done the research and writing. Each paper must have the statement below on the first page with your name to be eligible for the points. The paper will receive reduced points if it is not included.
CERTIFICATION OF AUTHORSHIP: I certify that I am the author of this work and that any assistance I have received in its preparation is fully acknowledged and disclosed. I have also cited any sources from which I used information, ideas, research, or words, directly quoted or paraphrased. This work was prepared by me specifically for this course

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