What is one social innovation you would like to implement and why?

Please respond to the following prompts:
Yunas describes starting a bank that provides micro-loans for very poor people. Does the Grameen bank fit the definition of a social innovation? Why or why not?
Locate examples of at least two social innovations and, using at least one additional scholarly source, describe why they meet the definition of a social innovation.
What is one social innovation you would like to implement and why?
Stecker, M. J. (2014). Revolutionizing the nonprofit sector through social entrepreneurship. Journal of Economic Issues, 48(2), 349–358.

Socialbrite (n.d.) Cause organizations (Links to an external site.)
Internal Revenue Services “Lifecycle of an Exempt Organization” (Links to an external site.) (read main page and linked information on 501c3 and 501c4 organizations)
National Council of Nonprofits (n.d.). Tools and Resources.

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