What is relevant in your life to this experience?

This is at home self experiment
I want this paper to be at least an A- or a b+ IT DOESNT have TO BE a perfect paper
This is an experimental psychology lab that reports a self experiment that you will do by yourself at home .
This lab report has to look scientifically and poetic.
Find a source that has been related to this experiment or have been done this experiment or about this experiment before it has to only be on Journal google scholarly source no website no wikipedia only scholarly source
Transforming how you think about things
How do you measure Effect of movie content (horror movie and cartoon movie ) on sleep quality scale 1 to 10
How long quality of sleep scale how well you sleep mesure two condition horror and cartoon
Scale 1 to 10
Giving a number gives data points. How much everythings are you?
Give simple details.
What is relevant in your life to this experience?
Consist and provides insight into the investigation being report, acccuratley indicates the subject and scope of the study
Research report outline:
Cover Page
-Abstract : 1. Problem statement
2. Background, 3. Objective , 4 research questions, 5 definitions 6, method – brief review of an article gets that as a foundation. The ABSTRACT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE WRITTEN THE HOLE PAGE. at least 10 sentences or 12. please can you higlightthis in different colors so I can know.
-Method- 1. Participant ( yourself ), 2. Design 3, apparatus / materials , 4 procedure please can you highlights parts in difents colors so i can know
Please use the word “This study was conducted “ in the report and please don’t use “I” AS YOOURSELF INSTEAD USE “the experimenter “ as yourself
– Results
– References
I will upload filles model lab report, the way i want to write in this lab report so it can help you how to do in this paper

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