What is the central focus, claim, or goal of each?

In a 500-word or more response essay (which needs a thesis such as Sexton’s “Cinderella” is an optimistic look at mother-daughter relationships, while Disney’s Cinderella shows how terrific stepmothers can be) compare and contrast the story of Cinderella as you know it and the story in Sexton’s poem. Answering these questions may help:
· What are their respective titles? Who created them? What do they describe or depict?
· What is their tone or mood? What year were they created? Is that influential?
· Why do you think they were created as they were?
· What themes do they address? Do you think one is of higher quality or greater merit than the other—and if so, why?
· Which seems more plausible to you, and why?
· What is the central focus, claim, or goal of each? What conclusions do they offer?
(Note the year written after the last line of each poem, that year is the year the poem was published. If you see two different years, the earliest year is the year the poem was written, while the latest is the year the poem was published.)

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